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Iron Man Costume

With the Iron Man set to be the biggest block buster movie of the summer, everyone here is getting very excited to see it. We love anything mavel. Check out the trailer for the film - it looks so good

How to build your own Iron Man suit — for real?

Now that Iron Man is here, it got us to thinking: Could we build our own Iron Man suit? Not just a costume, but a functioning apparatus that could perform the miracles the spectacular marvel in the movie does? Well, not really. We’ll have to pass on antigravity tech and jets blowing out the bottoms of our feet that are hot enough to roast our tootsies like marshmallows — never mind that the suit clearly breaks the first law of thermodynamics, creating energy for free.

But still, we could come close to a few of the feats of the Man of Iron. Suspend your disbelief, and follow along with the real-world corollaries to the wizardry of Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist and genius inventor, also known as Iron Man.

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