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The History of the Keyboard (QWERTY)

Among certainly never ask you folks, why was the order of the letters / numbers / signs of a computer keyboard that is used in general today (QWERTY) made with the order so randomly? May also think that there may order this is the most efficient layout that can be used in typing?

Well .. If you feel that the answer, then you are wrong. Conversely, the keyboard layout that is common today (QWERTY) is one of the order is not the most efficient that we intended to, we can type more slowly. So too? I 'll try to explain now ..

This is related to the history of the typewriter that was found earlier by Christopher Latham Sholes (1868). When creating typewriter prototype, the very fact allows us to type more quickly. Too fast typing in the possibility, up-to problems often arise at the time. Often when the button is pressed, stems letter (onshore slug) that the tape was experiencing mechanical failure, which caused more often because it stems each hook (jamming).

Because the solution confused thinking at the time, Christopher Latham Sholes had mess-random sequence is such a way is found to the combination is considered the most difficult to use in typing. The goal is clear, to avoid the mistakes that often occur mechanics before.

Finally, the structure of the typewriter is derived on the computer keyboard as the input and in 1973 inaugurated the keyboard as a standard ISO (International Standards Organization).

Actually there are several standard keyboard layout used today. A Ask (American Simplified Keyboard), the general called the Dvorak found by Dr. August Dvorak around 1940.

The research then, the Dvorak layout allows us to type with more efficient. But perhaps because of late, Dvorak eventually be subject because of the domination that has occurred QWERTY organizations in the world at that time and they do not want to bear the risk if the Rush to change the Dvorak keyboard layout. The only recognition is coming from the Ansi (American National Standards Institute), which approved the Dvorak keyboard layout as a version of "alternative" around the year 1970.

The keyboard layout of the development of the QWERTY layout is QWERTZ used in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, etc.. AZERTY country by France and Belgium, QZERTY, etc..

I do not believe the efficiency and effectiveness in the Dvorak typing, you can compare it here. Just copy and paste a few paragraphs that you have and compare with the QWERTY system on the site to see the data statistics between the two systems

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