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How to Turn Your XP Laptop into a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

That's real and I've try it, so let's check it out:

1. To start setting up your mobile hotspot, click on Start and go to the Control Panel. Double-click “Network Connections.
2. Right-click your wireless connection and chose Properties. Then click Wireless tab
3. Network Connections Properties dialog, click the box that says, “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings.” Then at the bottom of the dialog window, click the “Add” button to start creating your mobile hotspot.
4. Enter a name for your network, select “Open” under Network Authentication. Then, under Data Encryption, select “WEP.” Then enter desired password under “Network key” and confirm it in the next field. If you are unable to enter a password, un-check “The key is provided for me automatically” and the password key fields should open. Then check “This is a computer-to-computer (ad-hoc) network; wireless access points are not used.” Then click OK to create your hotspot.

WEP stands for “Wired Equivalent Privacy.” It is not strong encryption, and it is easily defeated. Why do we suggest it? Because it works with a wide variety of devices - older laptops and handhelds - and because it can use a five-character password. The password may be referred to as “40-bit ASCII” on some devices. (Palm OS devices will want to want to know that.) Note also that ad-hoc networks are intended to be networks of convenience, or temporary. If you have a more permanent need to share an Internet connection, it would be better to purchase a Wi-Fi router.

Your new network will now appear under “Preferred Networks.”

5. Then in window Wireless Network Connection the new connection which is ready to connect

6. Then if you have connected to the internet via LAN so make the Network Bridge by click on Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection using CTRL then right click then choose "Bridge Connection".

7. So you can connect your other device such as cellphone to your notebook/laptop. Have fun :D

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